The Boston Massacre

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To give you an idea about what the Boston Massacre was about, and what it caused, think about the situation I am about to give you. You are at court as an attorney, and debating over something, this can be anything, and you two have different points of views. Whether or not they are right is irrelevent, it is about who can make the other SEEM incorrect, rather than IF they are incorrect. They don't have to be "right" to be correct, they have to make themselves seem right. This is the case with the Boston Massacre. Neglection to taxation, and finally revolution. The Boston Massacre was an atrocity that occurred on March 5th, 1770, between the patriots, mainly consisting of the "Sons of Liberty." Five men died on this day. They consisted of, Crispus Attuck, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick and James Caldwell. Crispus Attucks, however, was the first to fall in the Boston Massacre, and the first to fall in American Revolution in its entirity. His death caused a transition to violence within this revolution, and shows immorality from both sides, which will be later discussed. The Boston Massacre is this turning point in the American Revolution, and what solidifes a sort of independence in the colonist fight against taxation, fighting for what can be phrased as, "no taxation without representation." Specifically, however, the Boston Massacre took place on March 5th, 1770, on King Street in Boston. It, at first, was a simple street fight between American colonists, and one British soldier, with no "real," sort of violence, just snowballs and items of that sort being thrown at him. However, after the soldier, Hugh White, stabbed a colonist with his bayonet due to countless threats of violence, and insults, erupted more violence, and bells started to ring, bells that signalled a fire in the town. This caused colonists to come out of their homes in confusion and fear of a fire. White was harassed till he finally flead and called for back up, slowly showing the transition of this seemingly tiny situation, to one that changed the American Revolution. This is when Captain Thomas Preston and his troops came in, taking defense in front of the Custom House, where taxes were collected, the main reason for American colonist rebellion, and protests. The increase in soldiers obviously increased tension. They, like White, were harassed. Not only was a soldier hit with a stick severly which seemingly led him to fire. Upon this action, Captain Preston was hit by a club on his arm severly, and according to his statement, asked the soldier why he fired without orders. If this club were to of hit him on the head, he would have died. This, obviously was not good for the British. The situation alone, specifically the fact that they killed 5 patriots, was shocking, and the fact that they were only harmed, and harassed, did not help. What they would say was self-defense, was seen as murder to the patriots, and a turning point in the war, as this was the perfect piece of propaganda to win over the "fence sitters." The Boston Massacre was a day used to mislead many, and really contains more than what Paul Reveres drawing, what you have most likely seen before, of British outright killing the patriots, going as far as to smile. Ironically, this was not about who was killed really, no one cared for that, it was the fact that they were killed, THAT, was where propaganda could be made, and why this day was important. I think that now, whoever you are, can learn about this yourself. Take this as my lazy way of teaching you about the Boston Massacre. Have fun with this "quest" to learn about the massacre. Read the documents in the order I give them to you (or not, that doesn't really work, but you do you), Knowledge Hunt.

Most importantly, however, is to engage. If you do not enjoy reading these documents, skim through them for general knowledge, as you go through the documents, you start to see the "pieces of the puzzle" put themselves together. The concept is not hard to understand, you just have to have the willingness to understand it. This can be done at home if you really want to (I doubt you'd want to)."

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